Friday, September 17, 2004

Skydiving course - over 3 years again


Today I am giving an Skydiving course again over 3 years. On 2001 I gave several courses, but never made to be a jumpmaster. There was no need and I was deep into video and photography in sky.

In future I wanna be a tandemmaster and for that I need to became also jumpmaster. So finally I will go through the jumpmaster course and one part is to give the Skydiving course yourself. It is called IAD method, where student is jumping from 5000 feet alone and chute is opened by jumpmaster right at the door. Skydiving is relatively easy to start, but it takes time to become good. Years, at least 3-5 years, then you can say, you know something about jumping.

Skydiving is something I often use to compare with mgmt. The level of commitment and making decisions are essential part in both worlds. Fast analyze of the problem on hand is crucial - otherwise you are dead or loose money. Depending on the world you are in. So right attitude and decisions will bring you back on the ground safely or make money in business.
As always the most complicated problems in life have the simplest answers - it is the question whether you are able to think outside of the box or have enough knowledge to make a right selection of many.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Incompetence - ignored reason behind everything we see going wrong

Hi, today I want to touch an issue which is not really recognized when analyzing the reasons behind conflicts and pretty much in everything we see going wrong in the world.

The issue is INCOMPETENCE!

Usually we assume that people dealing with a problem are the right people with necessary skills for that. The cold truth unfortunately is that this is not true in most of the cases. But people are practicing somekind of selfdeception, believing that all was done with best available skills.

almost everything can be explained with lack of competence. And certainly in every case we can find mistakes made. Also fatal mistakes.

The reason I am talking about it, is that in Beslan almost 600 people are dead, because Russian forces were not able to resolve hostage situation peacefully. Whatever happened there, has no importance in my analysis, in all aspects we can find possible explanation if we keep in mind that people involved can make mistakes or just don't care.

1. Terrorist were able to plan attack months ahead!
They were involved with repairwork of school and able to hide weapons into schoolfloors. Just think how much organizing this would take, to get weapons into the country etc... And nobody knew that this is going on. There are only two explanations: 1. you don't care, 2. you don't do your job correctly
2. Militia was bribed, terrorist were able to enter Russia
So as we have heard, some in militia knew that these guys are there and militia was paid to let them into the city. Who are those guys, why are these guys working there?
3. The hostage situation going very bad
Who was leading, what were possible plans - no such kind of information existed. So nobody really knew, what was going on and at one moment situation exploded. Several different armed forces were acting separately etc...
What does this tell us? A massive incompetence amongst Russian special forces, who are able only to show force, not clever tactics.
4. Information distribution
So a lot of people think that Russian Government is laying them about victims numbers. I think that they just don't know, because no centralized and well organized situation room was there in first place. So all reports are taken as truth and because of that the number of victims changes all the time. The fact that this number is increasing is normal, because certainly they'll get more information all the time.

So everything in that case leads us to logical outcome - these people do not know what they are doing and to cover that they are laying to us. But we are seeing through you and you will loose this battle someday.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Digital divide!

I spent my weekend with my laptop computer. We had great time! My girlfriend
gave me a funny look at Sunday evening :)

The whole idea was to move away from evil ruling of Microsoft and try out
the alternative Linux. For that I needed to make my windows 2000 partition
smaller and free up space for next op system. I have several friends, who
are well educated in IT, but none of them could not give me 100% guarantee
of the success of that operation. Until Petteri from my company was very
convinced of the success. It took some 2 hours and after that w2k partition
did not boot up anymore. Data was still accessible dough.
So I worked the whole weekend, backing up my data and installing new op
On the same time learned a lot about things in IT world.

I also had a cutaway on Saturday. Cutaway means, that your main parachute is
not working and you are forced to use your reserve. The malfunction was very
unique and first as such in Estonia. Bag-lock! A lot of wire and no
parachute above you. So the situation was very clear in the matter of tenths
of seconds. I realeased the main and opened the reserve. It all happened so
quickly, that I even had not time to get a fraid. Certainly later on it gave
me chilling vibes in the backbone.

I like the times, when your life feels like a movie. Many events happen in
short time period. Last weekend was like this - doing different things with
quick schedule.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

World going mad! Russian terr-atacks reflection.

There is two possibilities:
1. Either we now know more about everything going on
2. There is just more negative happening of which we get information!

Recent terrorist actions in Russia and US 9/11, have opened a lot of eyes amongst ordinary people. Fear is most powerful motivator of all.

Still, beeing a citizen of a small nation helps to look at things with more objective manner and analyze the reasons behind the current situation. Usually the first glimpse on international conflict gives simplified impression of reasons behind it. Then you investigate and will find many different and complicated aspects behind the scenes. If you do that for longer time, you again come to conclusions, which are fairly simple in their nature. Unfortunally these simple reasons behind the outbreaks of violence and disorder, are either not acceptable, too historic or just not possible to resolve, because are the clashes of civilisations. Then these parties of conflict try to give you all sorts of lies and foggy explanations of their actions and keep irritating the other party with their big ego and arrogant attitude. And the conflict goes on, money will be spent, people get killed, hope will be diminished. And we all watch this from CNN and have opinion about it. Damn, this is frustrating.

More to come with next blogs...


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

First entry

So... today is the first day of the rest of my life! What would be more appropriate, then tell a joke to you:

Guy comes to a doctors office and has a problem.
"Doctor, my brother has a serious problem!"
- What is it?
"Well, he thinks he is an Orange :("
- Okay, no problem, tell him to visit me then.
"No no, he is with me... here, right here in my pocket"

In future you will find here my opinions about things, people and world !